26 Nov 2014

Whole Wheat Cranberry Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

Cranberry Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

While most of you are preparing for American T(ofu)urkey Day tomorrow, I am getting ready for Christmas.

And what says Christmas better than a plate full of cookies? Cookies which are meant to be shared. Cookies which give fuel to Santa on the big night. The food of nostalgia.

24 Nov 2014

Peanut Butter Nutella Microwave Oatmeal

Peanut Butter Nutella Microwave Oatmeal

If you know me and my breakfast habits, you know that I am always looking to fit in some Nutella in the morning. Be it in granolabanana bread or pancakes, I am looking for any possible excuse to have chocolate for breakfast.

21 Nov 2014

Whole Wheat Spinach and Feta Crepes

Whole wheat spinach and feta crepes. A fast and easy healthy vegetarian dinner

While I would love to eat desserts for dinner (cookie pizza anyone?) I know I need to eat something that is not only sugar.

17 Nov 2014

Black Bean Brownie

Are you dreaming about a butter slathered, meat abundant, sugar loaded Thanksgiving?

Am I also dreaming of it even though I am living in America's hat? Well I don't see why I can't have another Thanksgiving when I am seeing so many fantastic recipes that make me want to eat the world.

(That is not what he said..)

14 Nov 2014

Ginger Nectarine Baked Oatmeal

Ginger Nectarine Baked Oatmeal. Fall summer healthy vegetarian breakfast

You know when someone says "I think he/she is the one"? Oh wait, you don't live in a cheesy romantic movie? Well I might live in a cheesy (or sugary) food romantic movie, because I really think that this oatmeal is the one.

Even though it's another nectarine recipe, I promise I will be going full blown pumpkin soon. Just you wait. But right now, I am crushing on the stone fruit. (Did you know the actual word for stone fruit is a drupe? I learn something new every day!)

12 Nov 2014

Pomegranate and Apple Crisp

Pomegranate and Apple Crisp. Winter vegetarian dessert

I'm giving in. I'm breathing fall in. Because what better time than now? When temperatures are dropping to near freezing, and I can't put on enough sweaters.

Also, all of my clothes are falling apart!! This is the count so far:

First, 3 ripped pants. And not the cool kind of rip. I'm talking about the one right down the derriere area. Sexy, right?

Second, 2 ripped sweaters. Somehow only the armpits got the full effect of the ripping, but I have one sweater which is ripping from the sleeves and the left chest area (somehow..). I haven't thrown this one out... yet. Buying new shoes has just been the icing to my frosty cold cake. Why do I need new boots? This is why.

10 Nov 2014

Kale, Quinoa and Cranberry Salad

Kale, Quinoa and Cranberry Salad. Easy vegetarian healthy dinner

Can you believe that this is the first kale recipe I have ever made? I mean, I am a Vancouverite! I am supposed to be all about quinoa, kale and yoga. So far it have only been dabbling in quinoa cooking and yoga classes. It's time to jump face first onto the kale bandwagon.

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